Had both pineapple juice and coconut cream left over in the fridge from making dad a Pina Colada two days ago. Went flicking through DeGroff’s The Essential Cocktail and happened across a recipe that used both: Pusser’s Painkiller. Unfortunately I don’t have Pusser’s Navy Rum in my bar so I had to substitute Inner Circle Red Spot, a pretty tasty Australian dark rum made in the Jamaican style (lightyears ahead of Bundaberg, which is in my books undrinkable, and hardly pricier). I’ve never tried Pusser’s and thus cannot comment on how Inner Circle compares, but it went down well in this drink with its strong molasses flavour.



2 Pusser’s Rum (I substituted Inner Circle Red)
2 Pineapple Juice (unsweetened carton)
1 Fresh squeezed orange juice
1 Coconut cream (Ayam)

I tried this with 2.5 measures of pineapple juice, because artofdrink and the Pusser’s site call for 3 and 4 parts respectively, but next time I’ll probably go with DeGroff’s 2 measures as I like my drinks strong, especially when served on the rocks.

It’s a very nice tasting drink, much more refreshing than DeGroff’s Pina Colada. The major issue some might have with it is that the coconut cream is fairly grainy in texture; you can taste and feel the little tiny specks of coconut. This isn’t too big a problem for me. I’m not sure if this would improve if the coconut cream was heated/melted before usage, or in warmer weather, but I gave did add a dash of hot water and gave it a good mime shake already to better incorporate it. Also, I’m not sure how the Ayam brand cream I used compares to Coco Lopez, which seems to be America’s industry standard for mixing purposes and not readily available in Australia.

The obvious flavours here are the coconut cream and the rum; pineapple is merely detectable. The gritty cream texture dominates the mouthfeel as well. The nutmeg plays beautifully with the coconut on the nose. It seems I had the opposite impressions of this to Art of Drink; the orange juice was indiscernible amongst the mix whilst the coconut cream was forefront. If you can get over the grainy texture, I certainly recommend this drink- I think I prefer it to the Pina Colada for the nutmeg, lighter feel, and more present rum flavour.

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